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Choices Charter School
"Where the Choices I Make Today Affect the Person I Become Tomorrow"

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
Choices Charter School
4425 Laurelwood Way
Sacramento, CA 95864

Contact Information
Office: (916) 979-8378
Fax: (916) 979-8534
Website: http://www.choicescharterschool.com/

About Choices Charter School

Choices Charter School is an educational public option for students in grades seven through twelve.  Our mission is to graduate confident, self-directed students who are contributors to their community.  This is accomplished through a partnership with parents, students and staff, in a positive and safe environment where student learning is individualized and relevant to student goals and future plans.

Choices Charter School is WASC accredited and college preparatory that provides an alternative educational choice for students and parents. San Juan Choices Charter School accepts students from all surrounding school districts.

CCS follows a college format

  • Students are on site when they have a class or appointment
  • Students complete assignments at home daily

CCS is a public school option for families who seek a partnership with school in the educational process. We provide a campus setting for classes, electives, and additional support. A positive and safe environment on site builds student respect and self-confidence.

CCS graduates learners who are college and career ready, and able to become responsible contributors in their communities. Through a student, parent, and school partnership learning is individualized and relevant to future goals.  Teachers can provide individual program options to accommodate different student needs.

Online and offline courses meet both the California State Standards and graduation requirements.


  • Honors
  • Foreign Language
  • Small group instruction in advanced classes
  • Reading and Math support classes
  • Individualized instruction
  • Academic, career, graduation and crisis counseling

What students are saying…

“I can do more than I thought.”

“I learned that even if I doubt myself, I can push through and do anything I put my mind to… I’ve learned that pushing through shows how you’re a strong person.”

“I learned how to become more independent in life.”

“I learned how to become more confident in my work and how to ask for help when I needed it.”

Some statistics…

of the class of 2013 recommend the Choices Charter School program to others.
of students feel safe or very safe at Choices.
of surveyed parents feel that the school program has met their expectations. 
rated the overall school performance as either a ‘4’ or a ‘5’ with ‘5’ being the highest rating.
of our 2013 graduates believe that they would not have graduated from high school if they hadn’t enrolled at Choices.

Typical Student Schedule

You may take up to six classes which is considered a full schedule. Each class requires five hours of study per week. Four to five hours of study per class are completed independently at home. One to two hours per class may be completed at school, meeting with a specialty teacher or participating in a small group seminar.

In addition to course work, corrective classes may be scheduled for reading and math when necessary.