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The Circle Of Independent Learning Charter School (COIL)
"Excellence in education through personalized choices."

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges


Administrative Headquarters
4700 Calaveras Ave. Fremont, CA 94538

Contact Information
Stephanie Lytle, Director
Web: http://coil.schoolwires.net
Phone: 510 797-0100
FAX: 510 979-0118
Email: B.Cimino@fremont.k12.ca.us

Words of Wisdom Supporting A Personalized Learning Approach

“Do not then train youth to learn by force and harshness; but direct them to it by what amuses their minds so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the peculiar bent of the genius of each.”   ~Plato

“We know from research and common sense that education will be most successful if it is a team effort involving both home and school…All children are a crucial part of California’s collective future. The well-being of our whole society will depend largely on how well parents and teachers prepare and educate today’s youth for tomorrow’s world.” ~Parents and Partners, CA Department of Education, Sacramento, 1995 p.1


The Circle of Independent Learning, a K-12 charter school, is designed, through personalized learning, to reach the unique bent of genius in each of its students. This personalized educational plan will be developmentally appropriate for each student, designed for the student’s particular bent of genius. While the plan will enhance the strengths of the student, it will also provide a systematic strengthening of his areas of weakness.

Our school plan will enable students to become literate, self-motivated life-long learners, academically prepared for the 21st century. Program Sponsor Fremont Unified School District Program Background & Overview COIL teachers and talented parents offer rich educational opportunities for all of our students.

Each of our students has a personalized learning plan developed and evaluated at regular meetings by an educational team composed of the student, parent and advisory teacher. All learning is based on the California State Standards. These standards are addressed within each student’s unique educational plan. We offer a Split Day Program in which COIL secondary students may take one or two classes at a Fremont Unified School District School.

We have obtained UC/CSU Accreditation for those students planning to go directly into a four-year college. Distance Learning and local community college classes are also a viable option for our students. Approximately 23% of COIL students exhibit special needs including: Special Education identification, 504 inclusion, and GATE identification. 25% of our total number of high school graduates are Special Education students. Each of them fulfilled the COIL Graduation Requirements. Each of our students has a personalized learning plan developed and evaluated at regular meetings by an educational team composed of the student, parent and advisory teacher.

Our site, located on the Fremont Unified Adult School campus, teems daily with learning activity. Families meet with advisory teachers and students attend field trips and foreign language, science and literature classes. Writing workshops are provided for students and parents and math tutorial sessions are available on a weekly basis.

The COIL staff is currently implementing a Digital High School grant and is partnering with Ohlone Community College to offer a series of computer skill workshops this winter and spring.

Currently, we are developing a Charter Dissemination Grant to share successful methods of integrating special needs into learning challenged students’ personalized learning plans.


The Circle of Independent Learning SST team consists of: the student, student’s parents, advisory teacher, advisory/LD teacher and director. SST meetings are called by either parent or teacher recommendation for the purpose of full-house evaluation of the student’s current needs and direction. If the team agrees, a recommendation is made for Special Education Assessment.

The Circle of Independent Learning School receives Special Education services through Fremont Unified School District and the Mission Valley SELPA.COIL teachers attend annual IEP meetings with their Special Education students. During the meeting, the advisory teacher helps develop appropriate goals and objectives.

These objectives are integrated into the student’s educational plan. The advisory teacher develops curriculum for the student based on his/her learning modalities, strengths and deficits. Progress is evaluated continuously and concept re-teaching is incorporated into the student’s program when needed.

The advisory teacher also acts as a counselor, listening to the student as he/she shares triumphs or vents frustration and failures. Helpful advice and suggestions are offered to both the student and parent throughout the school year.
~ COIL Teacher Wayne Lindeman


Students are excited that a vast array of classes is offered at COIL this year. It is our vision to be able to provide classes to meet the personal needs and interests of our families. We are pleased to be able to provide classes for all our students, grades K-12. Some of our classes are ongoing, meeting regularly every week and they include classes in writing, math and foreign languages (Spanish and French).

Other classes are in a series, meeting once a week for 4 to 6 weeks. They include classes in science, art (FAME), public speaking, English composition, study skills and game strategies.

Finally, we have special classes as the occasion or need arises. This includes a craft day in December or a class for high school students about Greek tragedy. Teachers or parent volunteers teach the classes at COIL.

One of our more popular classes is the writing class taught by teacher, Trish Murray. Using the Step Up to Writing method, she is able to share practical, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use writing strategies with both the students and their parents in her classes. Nancy Holladay, a parent volunteer, is teaching the FAME (Fine Arts Mini-Experience) class.

There are six lessons and each lesson presents one art composition and the artist as well as one musical composition and the composer followed by a related activity (in art, music, drama or writing). With so many different classes to choose from, it is no wonder we have so many students looking forward to learning at COIL.

Circle of Independent Learning Success Stories

Matt has made more gains in the one year with us than during the four years he spent in regular school. Matt entered our program as a third grader with no knowledge of the alphabet. Now he is reading and writing at the first grade level. Recent testing through the I.E.P. process showed a 45-point gain in math.

Marie , once a special day student, came to us depressed and void of visual memory. We have worked with visualizing skills for a few months. Jenny can now remember a reading selection two weeks after it is read and memorize 20 science terms for a test!

Patty , with the combination of a great RSP teacher and the supported homeschool education model, has made great gains in the memorization of the multiplication table, scientific terms, and writing

Mike , an identified "special day" student, has become an amazing writer and critical thinker during the last three years. He came to us, barely able to write a paragraph. Mike just finished a great paper on Civil Rights! From Our Counselor, John:

Pat is like a new boy! He smiles at us and communicates everywhere!

Brian shines with new self-confidence! He (grade 9) helps John with the primary boys' social skills class. Three boys - social skills - a miracle! These boys now communicate with John, Pat and each other!

Ryan joined COIL in the fall of 2000. From the start, he has set his sights on success. Always eager to please and "convey the right answer", it has been very comfortable working with Ryan and his mother.

He has a keen grasp of articulation in writing and soars academically. When I first asked Ryan what he does in his spare time, he responded with "read…I don't have a lot of friends".Mid-year, he joined student council and is friendly with all members there. He was having the best time, smiling ear to ear at the final COIL swim party.

Jean is just finishing her second year with COIL. When she first started, she was a demure, introverted young lady. After taking part in Trish's writing class, she has made tremendous gains in English.

She is more confident in her appointments with me and has become more opinionated, which is a plus. She is progressing quite nicely. She is also an active Special Ed student with processing problems. I'm quite proud of her!