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Connecting Waters Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
Connecting Waters Charter School (CWCS)
12420 Bentley Street
Waterford, CA 95386

Contact Information
Sherri Nelson, Director
CWCS main phone number: (800) 808-9895
CWCS fax number: (209) 874-9531
Website: http://www.connectingwaters.org/

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At A Glance Facts About Connecting Waters Charter School

Established in 2002 as the 477th charter school in California.

Charter was granted by the Waterford Unified School District; Frank Cranley, Superintendent.

The Connecting Waters Charter School Director is Sherri Nelson.

Currently serving K-12th grades students who reside in Alameda, Calaveras, Mariposa, Merced, San Joaquin, Santa Clara, Stanislaus, and Tuolumne counties

Mission Statement

The mission of CWCS is to:
Empower a community of parents, students, and teachers to create learning opportunities which will develop accountable, responsible, and contributing members of society who are independent, life-long learners.

Creating learning opportunities by:

  • Assisting students and parents with educational guidance

  • Individualizing curriculum to meet student's needs

  • Providing materials, resources and supportive instruction

  • Allowing flexibility in both teaching styles and learning styles

  • Promoting real-life context-based learning

  • Challenging students to achieve mastery of academic standard

Educational Vision
CWCS identifies an educated person in the twenty-first century to mean a person who is literate, can understand and function sufficiently in the world around him or her, has an overview of the history of mankind, has an understanding of United States political processes, has an ability to solve mathematical problems and to think scientifically, and has the values necessary to enhance the world in which he or she lives. This person is one who has realized his or her own unique educational interests, talents, or abilities, whether it is in the arts, sciences, or other areas. It is the goal of this charter school to help students become educated individuals who are intrinsically motivated to learn, and who have diverse yet well-developed interests.

Connecting Waters Charter School's parents, students, and certificated Education Specialists believe that the best learning occurs when:

·Each curriculum is tailored to an individual student's learning styles.

·One-to-one teaching is used as appropriate.

·Real life context-based learning is emphasized.

·There is supplemental enrichment through classroom instruction, independent learning, field trips, apprenticeships, and appropriate uses of technology, etc.

·Schooling is viewed as one aspect of an education.

·The entire community serves as the school campus.

·Interesting, worthwhile learning opportunities are provided that will stimulate the interests of each student.

Objectives of the charter school include, but shall not be limited to the following:

·CWC students will perform and achieve better than their previous year's state assessment scores when available.

·Students will be intrinsically motivated.

·Students will achieve competency in basic academic skills.

·Curricula and materials shall adhere to the California State Frameworks and Content Standards in accordance with the California Public Schools Accountability Act.

·Students will demonstrate proficiency in STAR-specific assessments.

Opportunities will be provided for students to explore their potential in the performing and living arts and in the appropriate use of technology. Students will recognize and use their strongest skills and abilities and improve in areas where they are weak. CWC will operate on the understanding that all students have different learning styles, abilities and background experiences. As important as “what” students learn is “how” they learn. The former may be viewed as the end goal of education while the latter is the road leading to it. CWC will support learning and assessment modalities based on current research that identifies best practices regarding how students learn.