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CORE @ The Camptonville Academy
A Personalized Learning California Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
321 16th Street
Marysville, CA 95901

Contact Information
Chris Mahurin, School Director
Phone: (530) 742-2786
Fax: (530) 742-6067
Email: support@coretca.org
Website: http://www.coretca.org/

Program Sponsor
Camptonville Union Elementary School District Communities Served Camptonville Academy serves students in Yuba and Sutter counties.

Program Overview
The Camptonville Academy (TCA) charter is a public personalized learning charter school serving K-12 students who live primarily in isolated, rural and suburban Northern California communities. To support its Personalized Learning model of education, which includes both classroom and beyond classroom learning environments, TCA also has an Educational Resource Center in Marysville. This center supports a variety of learning activities and tools, including classes, computer labs, tutoring, testing, education resource libraries, and teacher/parent/student meetings.

Program Background
Camptonville Academy (TCA) was formed in November 1998 as a California Public Charter School and has been in operation for 4 full years, beginning its fifth year in September of 2002. It became a nonprofit public benefit corporation on August 1, 2002 to manage, operate, direct and promote the school. The school’s main administrative office is located in Grass Valley. Parents choose to place their student in the TCA personalized learning environment for the following primary reasons:

The student is falling behind in the traditional site-based classroom.

• The student is advanced and bored by the pace of the site-based classroom.

• Parent wants more involvement with the student.

• Student is unable to perform in a classroom full of distractions.

• Student has special needs that are not addressed in the site-based setting    Education Vision Camptonville Academy’s Mission statement is: In order to foster the educational pursuits of a diversified student population through our Independent Study program, Camptonville Academy:

• Supports student development through parental/teacher choice of materials and curriculum aligned with state standards.

• Requires parent/student involvement and commitment to produce successful individualized instruction.

• Offers family resource centers with the goal that students demonstrate measurably increased knowledge, world/community understanding, and a firm preparation for higher education.

In addition Camptonville Academy’s Vision is:

• To provide unique educational opportunities nurturing far-reaching success for students.

• To offer parental choice among public schools and to reach children not served by the traditional education system through an individualized approach to education within a supportive learning community. In a report done by the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) titled “Any Time, Any Place, Any Path, Any Pace” (2001) compelling and comprehensive evidence was given to validate the personalized learning approach, which advocates e-learning technology along with creating a variety of learning choices and environments in public education. Several components of our charter support this purpose.

• To empower parents to be directly involved in the education and social development of their children.

• The collaborative learning partnership with professional oversight by a California certificated teacher facilitating individualized instruction to the student and support for the family learning environment.

• Integrating existing and emerging technologies into instruction and the preparation of students to enter the workforce or continue their education at college.

• Utilizing computers as a tool for delivering educational choice provided in students’ homes. Integrating standards-based curriculum aligned to state frameworks as well as multiple assessment tests.

• Curricula choice aligned with state standards allowing for the flexibility that addresses students’ multiple intelligences. Notable Achievements

• Received a Digital High School (DHS) grant in 2000. • Has been granted candidacy for WASC accreditation.

• Received a distinguished invitation for Camptonville’s Director as a participant in the 2003 annual Oxford Round Table Education Conference in England.