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Delta Managed Solutions, LLC
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Contact Information
Karl E. Yoder
1451 River Park Drive, Suite 180
Sacramento, CA. 95815
Phone: 916-649-6461
Fax: 916-244-0307
Email: info@deltamanaged.com
Web: http://www.deltamanaged.com

Services Overview

Delta Managed Solutions, llc, is an independent financial advisory and business services firm located in Sacramento, California.  We offer a variety of financial consulting services to California municipal entities, including charter business services and bond-related financial advisory services. Our primary services are:

Charter Business Advisors - we provide a comprehensive set of back-office, administrative, and financing services to charter schools throughout California, assisting them in meeting the complex operational and compliance hurdles of successful charter school operation. Our current client schools have a combined student body of over 5,000 students.

Municipal Financial Advisors - since 1990, the professionals at DMS have assisted over 200 governmental entities throughout California in structuring and placing over $500 million in municipal bonds, COPS, lease/purchase agreements, and similar obligations. We act as an independent financial advisor in assisting charters, school districts, cities, counties, 501c3s and other municipal entities in meeting their financing needs.

The efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of Delta Managed Solutions, llc result from a combination of qualified staff and a core suite of computer applications that allow cost efficiencies and economies of scale. The two lead professionals at DMS, Kelly McDole and Karl Yoder, have over three decades of combined experience in the areas of municipal finance, banking, and law.

DMS provides a wide range of "back-office" administrative services to California charter schools, including budgeting, accounting, payroll, purchasing, compliance, and many other functions.

Due to our economies of scale and established systems, we can generally provide such services at a far lower cost than hiring and training on-site personnel. Our staff also stays fully up-to-date on the latest legislative and regulatory changes, passing this knowledge onto our clients.

DMS began providing business services to fill what we saw as a pressing need of charter schools – namely, solid, efficient back-office services at a reasonable cost. From our experience working with charter schools, we see many schools in these two categories: a) charter administrators buried in paperwork and compliance duties; focusing so much of their time and staff resources on trying to keep up with the endless stream of paperwork that no time is left to focus on educational matters, or b) charter schools that are already outsourcing operations (often to their sponsor districts), but feel that they are receiving little or no feedback on the school's financial condition, making strategic planning impossible and leaving them "in the dark".

In many cases this is compounded by the charter being held responsible for its own financial condition but having no ability to change it.

At DMS, we strive for the happy medium - handling the administrative duties for your school without taking control, keeping you and your Board fully informed, and letting you get back to the real business of your school - educating California's children.

By providing efficient back-office services at a reasonable cost, we ensure a stable operating environment for your school, minimizing costs, generating additional revenue (grants, categoricals, mandated cost reimbursement, etc.), and ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal oversight and reporting requirements.

However, we leave strategic management, curriculum, and overall control of the school's direction at the local staff and board level, where it should be.

We manage your business activities, not your school.

We are also one of California's most experienced advisors in the area of facilities and cash flow financings to charter schools. In the past six years, we have successfully placed over $40 million in charter school financings, providing new facilities, needed expansions, "dry period" financings, and other borrowings to assist our charter school clients to prudently meet their financing goals.

While most charter school consulting firms offer financing services to their clients as an additional ancillary service, our experience in the traditional investment banking industry gives DMS a level of expertise and industry contacts unmatched by other charter business advisory firms.

As shown herein, the four key areas of services that we provide offer comprehensive back-office support, from student information to HR to purchasing to fiscal services, allowing you to focus on the business of education rather than on day-to-day details. However, we also ensure that you and your Board are kept fully informed about all aspects of your school's business.