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Diego Springs Academy

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Main Campus
Diego Springs Academy
4585 College Ave. 
San Diego, CA. 92115
Phone: (619) 268-6799

Additional Resource Center in:

Murrieta (29665 Avenida Acacias Ste A, Murrieta, CA 92653)

Contact Information
Craig Beswick, Principal
Email: cbeswick@diegovalleycharter.org
Phone: (619) 268-6799
Website: www.DiegoSprings.org

Program Overview

Getting Acquainted With Diego Springs Academy:

Program Highlights

• Specifically intended for those high school level students who left school for any reason before graduating.

• Offers an Independent Study, Personalized Learning format. Students study one class at a time and work at their own speed.

• Allows students to make up incomplete classes and to move toward graduation.

• Operates on a year-round schedule. Students may begin at any time. • Offers classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

• Authorized by the State of California to give instruction and award diplomas.

• Conveniently located on College Ave near San Diego State University. • All students may be eligible for a scholarship.

• Located on established city bus routes.  

Diego Springs Academy's Mission

The mission of Diego Springs Academy is to engage students who are no longer a part of the instructional plan offered by the traditional high school. Diego Hills will develop individualized "Personalized Learning" study lesson plans which will enable the student to be a successful part of the educational community and to move toward graduation.

Diego Springs Academy will strive to help the student to:  

• Master basic skills

• Move toward mastery of technology

• Develop interest in life-long learning

• Become a responsible, contributing member of society  

Our Schools Have the feel of a friendly business office. Students will have their own appointment every week with their teacher. At this time lessons will be explained and assigned. There will be time for questions and discussion. Students take their assignments home and return for their next appointment, ready to be evaluated on the work they have done during the past week. Upon satisfactory completion, credit is granted immediately.

Our Classes Consist of core curriculum and electives. Students have their transcripts evaluated and take assessment tests to determine the appropriate level of instruction. The order in which the instruction is offered is purposely done to maximize learning. Computers are available for instruction and to assist students with other classes. It is possible for individualized electives to be a part of each student's educational plan. Some group classes are offered as the need and interest for them develop.

Our Teachers Have the same credentials as other public school teachers. They enjoy the small classes, usually 1 to 3 students at a time. They specialize in providing encouragement and individualized instruction.

Our Students enroll at Diego Springs Academy for a great variety of reasons. Most had left (traditional public) school before graduation and now again enjoy and appreciate having a new opportunity to move toward that goal. Others have found the personalized instruction and flexible time requirement suit their needs better than a traditional school.

Some students come to us for credit retrieval classes and then return to traditional campuses. Others only need a few classes to graduate. It is Diego Springs Academy's ability to accommodate each individual's need that attracts many to our school's Personalized Learning model.

*Very ambitious students may take more than one class at a time with their teacher's permission.