APLUS+ is an acronym for the Association of Personalized Learning Schools & Services.

APLUS+ was founded as an association exclusively dedicated to the Personalized Learning model of education—a 21st century, leading-edge approach to delivering education that has evolved through the public charter school movement in California. Personalized Learning is a distinct educational model designed to meet the more diverse needs of the 21st Century K-12 student who seeks or requires a more flexible, tailored, and individualized approach to learning. Personalized learning programs have helped tens of thousands of students in California rediscover hope and purpose in public education through this more individualized approach. The Personalized Learning movement and APLUS+ were founded by Jeff Rice, who has served as a leading advocate in the California charter school community for the past eleven years. Rice has worked diligently to establish and expand the Personalized Learning movement in California, drawing from a professional background that includes an MBA and more than 20 years experience in Marketing and Public Relations.

The APLUS+ Mission

Since its founding in September 2002, APLUS+ has grown to a membership of more than forty Personalized Learning charter schools, collectively serving more than 35,000 K-12 students who reside in 40+ counties throughout California. The APLUS+ Mission is as follows:

  • To be the representative voice to advance Personalized Learning as a distinct and valuable educational model

  • To be the vehicle and facilitator for uniting and networking programs that are dedicated to the Personalized Learning model, and to high standards of fiscal and operational accountability and academic excellence

  • To advocate, support, and promote the growing benefits and successes of the Personalized Learning model and the many schools that embrace itPersonalized Learning model and the many schools that embrace it

APLUS+ is exclusively dedicated both to advancing Personalized Learning as a successful and essential model in public education for the 21st century, and to representing and supporting high quality Personalized Learning schools that are committed to academic excellence and to the highest standards of integrity and accountability. APLUS+ promotes the value and benefits of the Personalized Learning model for the growing number of public education students, who for various reasons, either need or choose a more flexible alternative approach to the traditional, full-time classroom based learning model. APLUS+ has become the recognized voice in California to represent the Personalized Learning movement in public education.

APLUS+ Member Services

APLUS+ provides a wide variety of consulting, community relations, information, networking, and promotional services and programs to member schools that embrace the Personalized Learning educational model. APLUS+' services and programs are designed to support each member school's educational and operational goals in the following areas in order of priority:

  • Increase/Improve Academic Achievement
  • Increase/Improve Operational Accountability
  • Expand Student Learning Choices
  • Expand Professional Development Opportunities
  • Maintain Fiscal Sustainability
APLUS+ Member Benefits Include:
  • Members only access to 24/7 online member resources, including teaching tools, best practices, legal opinions, online links, discussion boards, job postings, and more
  • Discounted professional development workshops from APLUS+ Speakers Bureau Members
  • Discounted products and services from APLUS+ Preferred Partners
  • Best Practices on increasing revenues and reducing costs
  • Marketing and Promotional tools and tips
  • School level consultation services on a wide variety of critical topic areas for Personalized Learning schools
  • Onsite staff presentations on Personalized Learning
  • Shared best practices on proven policies and effective administrative, instructional, and testing strategies
  • Ongoing networking with other Personalized Learning schools statewide
  • Regular ongoing email updates
  • Statewide advocacy to support the issues that are most important to you
  • Discounts on attendance at the annual APLUS+ Conference
  • Referrals from interested parents and students
  • And much more!