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Golden Eagle Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information:
Shelly Blakely
Charter School Director
2226 S. Mt. Shasta Blvd., Suite C
Mt Shasta, CA. 96067
Phone Number: 530-926-5800
Email: contact@gecs.org

Students Served
Golden Eagle serves students from K-12 in Siskiyou county.

Education Vision
Golden Eagle is a charter school that uses a personalized learning approach to create a unique blend of home-based learning, small group instruction, and extra curricular electives.

Golden Eagle is a Personalized Learning program recognized and funded by the state of California. There is no cost to the student. We provide college preparatory coursework for the college-bound student as well as courses for the student who will be entering the workforce.

Our students meet with their teacher as determined by the student agreement to go over assignments and check progress. Tutoring and small group instruction is also available.

Working Together
Teachers, parents and students select curriculum and determine the instructional approach that best complements the student's educational goals and learning style.

Working together, we arrange for textbooks, instructional materials and other educational resources and services. All non-consumable materials are loaned to the student and must be returned at the end of the school year or when the student drops.

High Standards
Our teachers monitor, review, and evaluate assignments. Work samples are submitted each learning period to the school office and placed in the student's portfolios. All work must meet school and state standards.

Our school maintains a high degree of ethics and quality. Emphasis is placed on character development and social skills. Students have the opportunity to engage in cooperative learning experiences at our resource centers.

Process For Success
A pre-enrollment meeting is conducted to discuss Personalized Learning and determine if it best suits a student's needs.

A credentialed teacher works with the family to clarify Personalized Learning requirements. Curriculum options are discussed, including computer-based and more traditional methods. Graduation requirements and college or vocational goals are reviewed and a plan is established that integrates California state content standards with a personalized approach to learning.

STAR testing is provided for all 2nd-11th grade students.

Project Based Learning
Golden Eagle offers project based learning for students 7th-12th grade based on the Ed Visions model. The center will be set up like an office with individual work centers that students may personalize to reflect their talents and interests. The teach will act as a facilitator of learning and assist and support the student in choosing and implementing projects reflective of the state standards. Opportunities for collaboration will also be available. Students will be expected to be at the center 3 days a week for 4 hours a day.

Learning Center Classes
A variety of classes will be offered by credentialed teachers throughout the school year at the Weed and Yreka sites. These will include enrichment classes, co-op classes and core high school classes. These are determined at the beginning of each semester based on student and teacher interests.

Golden Eagle Charter School Offers:

Credentialed Teachers

Assessment and Testing

Services to K-12 students

Parent participation in student instruction

Parent and student choice of instructional approach and materials

Personalized Learning approach tailored to meet unique needs and abilities

Challenging and Creative Curricula

Enrichment classes


Computer Learning

Small group instruction

Educational Resource Centers

Field Trips

And more....