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Golden Valley Charter School

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Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information:

Terri Schiavone
Charter School Director
3585 Maple St., Suite 101
Ventura, CA 93003
Phone: (805) 642-3435
Email: gvcsterri@sbcglobal.net
Web: http://www.goldenvcs.org/

Charter Sponsor

Granted by Mesa Union School District

Students Served

Golden Valley Charter School is a California public charter school currently serving home schooled students in grades K-12 who reside in Ventura, Kern, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara counties.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Golden Valley Charter School is to educate K-12 students seeking a non-traditional educational setting through individually designed curriculum.

GVCS identifies an educated person in the twenty-first century as a person who is: literate, can understand and function sufficiently in the world around him or her, has an overview of the history of mankind in all its diversity, has an understanding of United States political processes, an ability to solve mathematical problems and to think scientifically, and has the values necessary to enhance the world in which he or she lives.

This person is one who has realized his or her own special interests, talents, or abilities, whether it is in the arts, sciences, or other areas.

It is the goal of this charter school to help students become educated individuals who are intrinsically motivated to learn, and who have diverse yet well-developed interests.

Educational Vision
We make parental choice in education a priority in our charter school.  We offer students a wide range of innovative and individualized instructional choices.

This charter school's parents, students, and Education Specialists believe that the best learning occurs when:

  • Each curriculum is tailored to an individual student's learning styles.
  • One-to-one teaching is used as appropriate.
  • Real life context-based learning is emphasized.
  • There is supplemental enrichment through classroom instruction, independent learning, field trips, apprenticeships, and appropriate uses of technology, etc.
  • Schooling is viewed as one aspect of an education.
  • The entire community serves as the school campus.
  • Interesting, worthwhile learning opportunities are provided that will stimulate the interests of each student.