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Julian Charter School
The Right Choice for Personalized Learning

Please visit Julian Charter School 's website here: http://www.juliancharterschool.org/

Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
Julian Charter School
P.O. Box 2470
Julian, CA. 92036  

Contact Information
Jennifer Cauzza, Program Director
Email: jcauzza@juliancharterschool.org
Phone: 866-853-0003
Fax: 877-894-4150

Communities Served
Julian Charter School Serves K-12 students who reside in Orange, Imperial, Riverside, and San Diego counties.

District Sponsor
Julian Charter School is proud to be part of the Julian Union School District.

Program Overview

Mission Statement
Touching the lives of students and families by offering a flexible, individualized educational program supported by curriculum choice and accountability, dedicated to excellence, and striving to prepare young people to effectively meet the demands of today and the challenges of tomorrow

Julian Charter School, a public charter school authorized by the California State Board of Education for distance learning, became independently incorporated in July, 2000. The school is a public school sponsored by the Julian Union School District in San Diego County, California.

The Program
The school employs teachers who are state-credentialed educators within the State of California to work with parents and students to design an individual instruction plan that fits the students’ learning style and educational goals. Student instructional programs may be designed to prepare the student to enter the work force or continue their education at a college of their choice. This school is publicly funded and fully credentialed to confer high school diplomas by the State of California and the Julian School District.

Legally bound to hold students accountable to the California State Content Standards, Julian Independent Study Teachers, at the beginning and end of each semester, check the students’ progress against a list of appropriate content standards. This process includes parents and students as partners in the educational process and in the academic expectations of the school and of the State of California.

At the high school level, the school offers three general levels of academic rigor:

1. The full range of college preparatory courses is on file with the University of California, having been approved by them and posted on their website. These course descriptions, in the hands of Independent Study Teachers and of parents and students, are adhered to strictly.

Students are held accountable by tests, examinations, and written work, as well as final examinations, which are kept on file at the Julian Charter School office.

Families are encouraged to use the facilities of the California Community Colleges for advanced courses and those which the parent is not qualified to supervise on a daily basis.

JCS is a participant in the “Eligibility in the Local Context” program of the University of California.

2. Non- college prep courses are taught with the California State Content Standards as benchmarks, but coverage is not as much in depth as is the case with the college preparatory courses.

Accountability methods include tests, examinations, and written work, as well as alternative assessments.

All students are required to take the California SAT 9 tests, which measure general educational achievement, as well as the California State Content Standards appropriate for each grade level.

3. Students who enter the program without the academic background to work at grade level, as well as those who have tested as eligible for an Independent Educational Plan, are given courses of study at the remedial level which will build their basic academic skills and prepare them to pass the California High School Exit Exam in order to receive their high school diploma from a State of California public high school.

Special tutoring is available through the school for students who need it.

The level at which each student is working is clearly marked on the official transcript.

Graduation Requirements
Students must complete 220 Carnegie Units, consisting of four years of English, three years of social studies, three years of mathematics including algebra, one life science, one physical science, two years of foreign language and/or visual and performing arts, two years of physical education in which health may be included, and electives to fill out the total. Students who are college bound are urged to follow a college preparatory course of study. Students graduating after June 2003 are also required by the State to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CASHSEE).

On-site Classes

Julian Charter School has begun a program of developing local sites for classes and activities. The first of these sites is the JCS Learning Center in Murrieta, where classes with credentialed teachers have been offered in various subjects, including writing, foreign language, mathematics, and science. The program at the learning center includes college preparatory high school courses, as well as classes and programs for younger students. Local sites in other areas are being studied.

Curricular Program
Due to the distance learning nature of the school, there is no official extra curricular program. In each geographic area, however, local specialists, as a part of the school program, offer classes and experiences in topics from art to agriculture. In addition, JCS students participate in a variety of club and group activities, including 4-H, scouts, YMCA programs, youth groups, club and team sports, etc. Many students are active in these activities at the leadership level.

With close to 1200 students in four counties, Julian Charter School has a faculty of 70 full time and part time credentialed teachers, many of whom hold a Master’s Degree or higher.

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Julian Charter School
The Right Choice for Personalized Learning