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Math By Hand

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Contact Information
Marin Lipowitz, Owner
PO Box 1693 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924
Phone: (530) 477-8464|
Email: learningbyhandz@gmail.com
Website: www.mathbyhand.com

Services Overview

Do you find math a challenging subject to teach?  Boredom or math fear can be a significant obstacle to learning.  So do make math colorful, large, and fun!

Math By Hand is a Waldorf-inspired, full-spectrum learning system blending crafts, language arts, movement, and more with solid, fully standards-aligned curriculum for grades 1-4.  Hands-on activities (like sculpting numbers in clay) help to make all of the lessons effective and successful.

“From the moment children place their hands on this unique product, most will find themselves immediately engaged.  Anyone looking to teach math using a fun, hands-on approach will find ideas to glean from this vibrant curriculum.”
--Rebecca Pickens, Home School Life Magazine

A binder containing full instructions, activities, and lesson plans is also included.  Hands-on learning tools are packaged in four sequential kits at each grade level, and are available as complete packages or individual kits.  Note: grades 1 and 2 each include a step-by-step, easy to follow Daily Lesson Plans book.

Grade 1:  http://mathbyhand.com/grade-1/
Materials to make 3 sets of “real” numbers, glass counting gems, counting verses and rhymes.  A colorful, costume-and-play approach to learning all 4 processes at once.  Continued 4 processes practice.  Collected folk and fairy tales.

Grade 2:  http://mathbyhand.com/grade-2
Times tables patterns and games, plus an oversized wall chart.  Place value, with large color-coded columns.  Continued 4 processes practice.  Rhymes, clapping verses and patterns, classic, math-adapted games.  Collected fables and legends.

Grade 3:  http://mathbyhand.com/grade-3/
A lively variety of methods and materials are supplied for complete times tables memorization, which is absolutely essential by mid-grade 3.  Oversized, colorful tools facilitate learning long division and multiplication.  Time and measurement crafts and projects, handwork.   Collected creation and housebuilding stories.

Grade 4: http://mathbyhand.com/grade-4/
Visual, hands-on materials to teach factors, fractions and decimals.  Hands-on tools for learning positive-negative integer concepts with whole, fraction, and decimal numbers.  Beginning algebra concepts and rules.  Lively, fun verses, songs, riddles, and tongue twisters.  Collected trickster tales.

Math By Hand does not include an online component because all of the activities are experiential and movement-oriented with a strong language arts focus.  Form drawing, which promotes awareness of archetypal forms while enhancing eye-hand coordination and creativity, is also included.  Encourage a love of life long learning while giving your child the benefit of a solid foundation in math.

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