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Family/Individual Membership (Online Registration Required) NEW!

Families and individuals who wish to be an active part of the growing Personalized Learning movement and APLUS+ Personalized Learning Network Association may now also join our cause.

Individuals who seek or wish to offer and share greater understanding, insights, and experience around the Personalized Learning model and movement may include parents/families, students, teachers, education stakeholders, community members, elected officials, business and community leaders, and more.

APLUS+ Family/Individual Member Services include:

    • Discounts on K-12 Online Courses
    • Discounts on Career Vocational Courses
    • Discounts on Online Career Counseling Services
    • Discounts on Educational Textbooks, Tools, and other Resources
    • Discounts on the annual APLUS+ Conference Registration
    • Access to FREE Online Teaching and Learning Resources
    • Access to Tips and Best Practices on personalizing learning
    • Access to Networking with other Personalized Learning Parent and Teacher Educators
    • More benefits and savings to come!

All for just $99 for a one year member subscription!

Homeschool families:

One annual $99 subscription provides access to all APLUS+ discounts and resources for all of the children in your immediate family!

To join the Personalized Learning movement and APLUS+ Personalized Learning Network association as an individual member, please click here to register and pay for membership.

For more information, please contact APLUS+:

Jeff Rice, Founder/Director

Phone: 530-478-7726


Website: or

Facebook: See APLUS+ Personalized Learning Education Movement