Membership Details

School Membership (Application review required)

Schools (and their authorized representatives) that qualify to join the APLUS+ Personalized Learning Network Association receive a wide array of membership services and benefits that assist them in attaining Personalized Learning academic excellence and operational efficiency and accountability.  

APLUS+ services and benefits are aligned with the following five primary school goals:

1.      Increase/Improve Academic Achievement

2.      Increase/Improve Operational Accountability

3.      Expand Student Learning Choices and Opportunities

4.      Expand Professional Development Opportunities

5.      Maintain Fiscal Sustainability

APLUS+ services that help schools achieve these goals include advocacy, consulting, sharing administrative and instructional best practices, regular ongoing networking, member discounts for outside services, partnering with affiliates, ongoing information dissemination, accessing the latest research reports, and more.

School APLUS+ Network memberships are effective for one year at a time and are aligned with the school’s fiscal year, from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Schools may join during the second semester of an academic year on a prorated basis, which is then coupled with the following full year.

To qualify for APLUS+ membership, applying schools must demonstrate a commitment to:

a.       The Personalized Learning model as it is defined by the Personalized Learning movement and the APLUS+ Personalized Learning Network Association

b.      High standards of academic excellence and operational accountability

Schools that wish to be considered for APLUS+ membership will be subject to review and approval by the APLUS+ Network Association Director and the APLUS+ Network Advisory Council.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for review and approval. APLUS+ school membership prices are based on the size of the school as determined by student enrollment.  

School membership payment is due upon signing the APLUS+ member contract and pledge of accountability. Please click here for details.