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Ocean Grove Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
Ocean Grove Charter School
An IEM School
4535 Missouri Flat Road, Suite 1A
Placerville, CA. 95667
Ph: 800-979-4436
Website: http://www.ogcs.org

About Ocean Grove Charter School
Ocean Grove Charter School (OGCS) is a WASC accredited charter school managed byInnovative Education Management (IEM). The school is part of the IEM family of parent choice charter schools that thousands of families have chosen for their children in grades K through 12 since 1993. OGCS was approved as an independent study charter by the California Department of Education in 2005. The school serves students in Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, & San Mateo counties.

How the Program Works
Parents work with a California credentialed teacher to develop individualized learning opportunities by choosing home-based or community-based instruction, selecting individualized curriculum based on learning style and functioning grade level, providing materials, resources and supportive instruction, and promoting real-life context-based learning.  

Our Education Specialists are highly trained, No Child Left Behind certified credentialed professionals available to you as needed in home-based and independent study learning environments.

Students who attend OGCS will be educated in personalized learning environments,
including small learning communities, through standards based, individually designed
curricula, which may include but are not limited to, small group instruction,
apprenticeships, community-based educational programs, group seminars, distance
learning via current technology, individualized tutorials, computer assisted instruction,
cooperative school programs and classes, on-the-job training, flexible course scheduling, and independent study.

All student curricula will be subject to approval by Innovative Education Management, Inc., consistent with state law. For purposes of NCLB, OGCS defines core subjects to be English, Mathematics, Social Science, and Science. OGCSl designates middle school to be an elementary program. State-adopted content standards will be covered in the curriculum selected for each student.

OGCS’s parents, students, teachers, administrators and staff believe that the
best learning occurs when:

• Academic instruction is viewed as one important and central aspect of an effective
education that leads to mastery of the state content standards.
• Flexible instructional practices are tailored to the strengths of the students and their
learning style and are congruent with the SLC’s intended academic outcome.
• Teachers not only teach but also mentor, support and coach students and each other.
• Contextual learning is emphasized allowing students to grasp the logical application
of their learning.
• Parents are active partners in the school, in the creation of learning opportunities and in the work produced by their child(ren)
• Real life context-based learning is emphasized within a personalized learning
• The entire community serves as a platform for learning. Learning opportunities
integrate and bridge school-based learning with community-based learning.

Educational program goals of OGCS include, but shall not be limited to, the following
areas of student attainment. Students will:

• Perform and achieve better than their previous year’s state assessment scores when available.
• Apply the skills and concepts of the school’s academic content standards and the state content standards in their daily assignments.
• Actively engage in skill development and in the discovery and construction of their
own knowledge by participation in individual learning activities.
• Demonstrate the ability to use technology efficiently in academic assignments.
• Recognize and use their strongest skills and abilities to build confidence and
motivation to improve in areas where they are weak.
• Be provided with opportunities to explore their potential in the visual and performing
arts and or with a foreign language.

OGCS affirms the importance of educating children to be optimally prepared for the
twenty-first century. Living in the age of computers and the internet provides students
the opportunity to acquire knowledge unlike any other time in history. OGCS will be
continuously updating its curricular options to allow its students to utilize state-of-the-art educational technology and learning systems.