Aplus+ Preferred Partners

Preferred Partners

APLUS+ has developed a Preferred Partner program to facilitate networking opportunities between organizations offering high quality, reputable business and educational services and resources with proven track records and APLUS+ Network Members whose Personalized Learning charter school programs can benefit from their expertise and products.

The APLUS+ Preferred Partner Program is an exclusive APLUS+ member service program intended to facilitate preferred opportunities for quality service organizations and Personalized Learning educational programs to share needs and provide solutions: a win-win program for all!

Qualifying APLUS+ Preferred Partners must demonstrate a proven, reputable track record in providing quality products and services that effectively serve the unique needs of Personalized Learning schools.

APLUS+ Preferred Partners
Either click on the name on the sidebar of an APLUS+ Preferred Partner to find out more about their products and services for Personalized Learning programs, or take a look at the summary of Preferred Partner services below.

Consulting Services


Charter School Capital
Service Summary: Provides a reliable and convenient source of funding dedicated exclusively to the charter school community

Delta Managed Solutions
Service Summary: Provides financial advisory and business consulting services.

Education Synergy Consulting (ESC)
Service Summary: Provides consultation services to the organization's governance leadership, administrative team, and staff enabling them to operate efficiently so they can demonstrate measurable higher performance and effectiveness.  Policy Development, Governance Leadership development, Strategic & Action Planning, Capacity Building, and Succession Planning are instrumental to that success.


Schools Alliance Insurance Services
Service Summary: A commercial insurance brokerage that specializes in insuring the needs of educational institutions and non-profit charter schools.


Young, Minney & Corr, LLP
Service Summary: Provides legal expertise on charter school compliance, legal, and regulatory issues

Curriculum/Educational Learning Products/Resources

Math By Hand
Service Summary: Offers a Waldorf-inspired, full-spectrum math learning system blending crafts, language arts, movement, and more with solid, fully standards-aligned curriculum for grades 1-4.

Moving Beyond the Page
Service Summary: Moving Beyond the Page is a comprehensive homeschool curriculum that covers science, social studies, and language arts.

Quality Science Labs, LLC
Service Summary: Quality Science Labs offers innovative science kits for distance education, independent study, and classrooms. Written by seasoned instructors with over 235 years combined experience, the kits offer a cost effective and virtually fail-safe method to include real hands-on science labs, regardless of the classroom setting.

Total Education Solutions
Service Summary: Provides special education compliance and staffing solutions to public education agencies including public, charter and private schools

Triumph Learning
Service Summary: Provides print and digital K-12 resources, standards-aligned instructional materials and effective literacy programs.

VideoText Interactive
Service Summary: Provides Interactive Video Algebra and Geometry Courses

Wellspring Weightloss Camps
Service Summary: Designed to help children, teens and young adults learn a simple, scientific and sustainable approach to fitness and weight loss that leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Educational Programs/Resources: Web-Based Delivery

BYU Independent Study
Service Summary: Offers UC approved, high school core courses for students that need one or more courses to satisfy their high school graduation requirements for either California University or college admissions

Let's Go Learn
Service Summary: Provides innovative, scalable educational assessment and instructional tools that help parents, teachers, and administrators rapidly advance students’ abilities through personalized learning. By combining cutting-edge technology with best practices in education, Let’s Go Learn provides top quality, research-based resources to the educational community, utilizing experts in reading, math, assessment, and instruction. 

Oak Meadow
Service Summary: Oak Meadow offers an affordable independent school experience for children in kindergarten to grade 12, as well as a fully accredited distance learning school that meets strict professional, academic standards.

Service Summary: Provides smart, responsive practice that helps students in grades 2-8 thrive

Technology: Administrative Solutions

Innovative School Solutions
Service Summary: Provides a powerful web-based student information system called OASIS designed to satisfy strict accountability guidelines especially for charter schools and districts.

Online Purchasing Systems
Service Summary: Provides dynamic graphic design solutions that will make your audience sit up and take notice, as well as a proven program for managing your student funds and detailing your accountability.

School Pathways
Service Summary: Works with schools to support curricula, create learning records, and provide educational services for Personalized Learning, Independent Study and Home School programs.