About Personalized Learning

Why Are We?

With the dramatic changes over the past century in our student population, communications tools, access to information, knowledge of how and why students learn, curriculum options, and technology, WHY are we still teaching the vast majority of our students in the same obsolete, one-size-fits-all, factory assembly-line classroom-based model developed over a century ago?

Why Aren’t We?

  • Changing the way we deliver education to reflect 21st century student needs and leading-edge learning tools and technology?

  • Putting the needs of each student first?

  • Tailoring learning to the needs and interests of each child?

  • Honoring and supporting every child to reach his or her greatest potential?
  • Transforming education delivery from an industrial assembly-line design that makes students the product to a service-driven design that makes students the customers?

  • Making learning relevant to 21st century students?

Now, Together, We Are!

Introducing Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning is a 21st century, student-centered model that:

  • Puts the needs of students first!

  • Tailors an individualized learning plan for each and every student

  • Honors and supports each student to reach his or her greatest potential
  • Provides choice and flexibility in how, what, when, and where students learn
  • Supports parent involvement in their children’s learning plan and process
  • Encourages collaborative partnerships between the student, parent, teacher, school, and greater community

  • Fosters positive, meaningful relationships between each student and teacher
  • Engages and motivates students by supporting learning in a manner that is relevant and valuable to each student’s life, interests, and goals

  • Prepares students to be life-long learners and productive, successful 21st century citizens