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River Oaks Academy Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information:
Claudia Weintraub, Director
920 Hampshire Rd, Suite X
Westlake Village, CA. 91361
Phone: 805-777-7999
Email: claudia.weintraub@roavc.com
Website: http://www.roavc.com/

About Us

We Believe:
All children are born with a capacity for brilliance.

Our Vision:
K-12 Independent Study Program of individualized curriculum and direction.

Our Shared Mission:
To help every child find their interests, gifts and talents.

The Ultimate Goal:
To nurture life-long learners, creators, inventors, thinkers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, explorers and peace makers…human beings with the passion to pursue fulfilling, energetic lives of brilliance in a world of possibilities

About Our Program

The River Oaks Academy is a parent-initiated new independent study charter school inspired by and based on the educational philosophies of Resa Steindel Brown. It is a community of passionate parents dedicated to finding the interests, gifts and talents of each and every child. Its strength lies in this incredible community of parents who not only believe there is a bigger, more impelling vision of who children are and what they can do, but are actively engaged in creating the community that supports it.

At River Oaks, we all work together to empower family and re-awaken in each of us, adult and child, the compelling experience of creative exploration and discovery.

This is how:

1. We build relationships that fulfill the need for intimacy and unconditional trust
2. We direct every effort to find the innate interests, gifts and talents of each child and the excitement that brings.
3. We reintegrate the intellectual, emotional, physical and overall well-being of the whole child into the learning process.

This is why:

• When we provide a safe, non-judgmental, non-competitive environment in which to explore, we are not afraid to take risks: to open our hearts, not just our minds, to new information and possibilities.

• When we build non-competitive, multi-age learning environments of individualized direction and pacing, we remove limitations based on age, subject, complexity and time-frame expectations. We eliminate the psychological barriers that keep us from the brilliance that we are and the community that we can be—a community strengthened by unity through diversity.

• When we create an educational structure that follows our individual and innate growth processes, we transform our experience of who we are and how we perceive the world.

• When direction is derived from an individual’s interest, amazing gifts emerge. These gifts nurture a state of well-being that promotes self-fulfillment, joy, wonder, gratitude, cooperation and compassion: all the attributes of inner peace. We prepare our students not just for school, but for life.