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School Pathways
Technology Solutions and Curriculum Support for Education

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Contact Information

School Pathways, LLC

181 Commercial Street
Portola, CA 96122
Amy Gruber, Managing Partner
Kathleen Brenneman, Managing Partner
Email: kathleen@schoolpathways.com
Phone: 866-200-6936; Fax: 530-831-8800
Web: https://www.schoolpathways.com/

School Pathways Personalized Learning Student Information System (PL SIS) is the complete solution for traditional, alternative, independent study and personalized learning educational models. It’s an easy to use web-based system that uses a Real Time Access Model and is rich in reporting and anomaly resolution. Added features make it a complete system from online student registration and class request system, to electronic document archiving with digital signatures. One student information system, multiple solutions!

Products & Services

  1. Personalized Learning System (PLS): Targets students as individuals rather than in a class group. Allows Independent Study and Home School teachers to personalize information for students such as classes, curriculum and assignments, as well as create compliance documents (Master Agreements, Learning Report, Progress Reports, and Report Cards).
  2. Classroom Management System (CMS): Complete classroom-based management tool designed to make the organization and planning of classes easier and more useful. All the teacher tools in one easy-to-use place. Includes Parent/Student Portal.
  3. Direct Curriculum Bridges: PL SIS links with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide online curriculum choices and single sign-on capabilities
  4. Customized Vendor Bridges: PL SIS offers automated bridges to other systems such as test assessment, book inventory, lunch time programs, emergency alert, Parent Communication platforms, special education, and much more.
  5. CALPADS Consulting: We provide schools the resources, reports, and support necessary to successfully complete CALPADS reporting.
  6. REG-Online: Easy-to-use, web-based registration system that allows families to complete student application work and necessary documents online.
  7. Document Archiving: Allows families to sign and save documents online using a digital USB pen or your regular computer mouse. Documents are saved electronically onto School Pathways secure servers, where retrieval is instant.

School Pathways Personalized Learning Student Information System (PL SIS) personalizes education to meet the needs of students, staff, and schools. One student information system, multiple solutions! Contact us today for a personalized solution for you school!