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Shasta Charter Academy

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Administrative Headquarters
Shasta Charter Academy
1401 Gold Street
Redding, California 96001

Contact Information
Ben Claassen, Director
Phone: 530-245-2600
Fax: 530-245-2611
Web Site: http://www.shastacharteracademy.org/

Program Sponsor
Shasta Union High School District

Communities Served
Shasta, Tehama, Trinity, Siskiyou, Lassen, and Plumas counties.

Program Overview

Shasta Charter Academy, formerly known as Secondary Home School (SSHS), a performance-based, high achievement charter school, offers students in grades six through twelve the opportunity for powerful, rigorous, innovative teaching and learning, moving them toward a high school diploma and preparing them for employment or continued education.

The school offers programs in the basics of reading, writing, and math, and moves students into the 21st century preparing them for a technology-rich world of work and citizenship in micro and macro communities.

Shasta Charter Academy uses a personalized learning model of education. In personalized learning, a certificated teacher works with a student and parents to develop an individualized curriculum drawing from a palette of varied instructional modalities.

These modalities include individual classes at comprehensive high school campuses in our district; courses at the local community college; our brand of independent study, which includes a heavy emphasis on parent/tutor/family involvement; and community activity, which may include organizations like the local swim team, Girl Scouts, or the Redding Symphony.

The Shasta Charter Academy student community participates in various onsite learning opportunities, including math, science, and computer labs, tutoring, journalism, an astronomy mini-course, and photography and art classes.

In addition, Shasta Charter Academy students participate in sports, music, and drama groups associated with the comprehensive high schools in our district.

Our students' individualized curricula are directed by California State Content Standards and supervised by certificated teachers.

Students achieve their goals using a multitude of new, powerful, and proven educational models.

Parents support their child's learning as they remain the essential force in affecting values, attitudes, and beliefs.

are facilitators of discovery, mentoring and consulting with families regarding home-based classes, community centered education, distance learning, and traditional school models where appropriate.

As students, parents, and facilitators develop Personalized Student Learning plans, each student will be allowed and encouraged to reach their goals by use of modalities specific to his or her learning style while insuring parental choice.

Education Vision

As learners move about the environment of Shasta Charter Academy they would see authentic education taking place in many different venues.

One student might be taking a physics class at the comprehensive high school because of a particular teacher's use of group work in interesting and engaging labs.

During the same semester that student could be seen working on their own, or with a parent on U.S. History using the Shasta Charter Academy Distance Learning Center on campus or at home. And still, this same student could be taking harp lessons from a community instructor and play in the Shasta Symphony.

If this student's parent, for example, is a forester, the student could put together a video presentation on a local co-system and present it to Junior High students. The student could also be working on writing skills with a facilitator or taking a math class at Shasta College.

All of this purposefully and articulately moves students toward achievement of individual goals which require careful planning (Student Learning Plan) of student outcomes and assessments.