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Contact Information
Phil Buckley, Director of Business Development
Triumph Learning, LLC
New Territories & International
O: 904-562-7788   M: 904-868-2154

Services Overview

Triumph Learning is a leading educational content company and publisher of print and digital K-12 resources, standards-aligned instructional materials and effective literacy programs, serving more than 6 million students in 36,000 schools in 2013 and 2014. Triumph Learning is committed to serving all students and teachers in California with a mix of interactive digital tools and innovative student texts with products such as our Coach solutions and our new online, smart practice platform, Waggle.

Personalized, smart practice to accelerate learning.

Waggle, Grades 2 – 8, Mathematics and English Language Arts is the most recent addition to Triumph Learning’s solutions for California. 

  • Truly Personalized: 

Leveraging Knewton’s adaptive learning recommendation engine, Waggle analyzes student proficiency, activity, and grit to design a unique pathway for each student to maximize learning. 

  • Productive Struggle with Support: 

As students are challenged with math and ELA questions, they receive continuous support with customized feedback and access to hints. 

  • Real-time Reporting and Differentiated Instruction: 
    Teachers benefit from real-time reporting so that they know
    how students are doing every step of the way.  The Coach suite is included online in Waggle so that teachers can easily differentiate instruction with a seamless, online tool kit. 

Do your students need year round review and practice of the Common Core State Standards?

The CCSS-based review and essential practice in Common Core Performance Coach, Grades 3 – 8, Mathematics and English Language Arts with Summative SBAC Practice Tests:

  • Reflects the increased rigor of the Common Core State Standards
  • Includes guidance on differentiation, ELL approaches, and common errors in the Teachers Edition
  • Offers practice test items including multiple-select, sequencing, highlighting, multiple-choice, matching, and extended response

The total CCSS package. Built from the ground up.

Common Core Coach, Grades 1 – 8, Mathematics and English Language Arts is detailed and comprehensive, serving as the instructional base throughout the school year. 

  • Your students will learn the most important content, while teachers are armed with the exact tool they need to help students succeed. 
  • All lessons are structured around the research-proven model of gradual release, including straightforward teacher-led instruction, shared peer work, and independent practice.

A solution when new on-level content challenges students.

Common Core Support Coach, Grades 1 – 8, Foundational Mathematics and Reading Comprehension, offers  intervention and targeted support to students who are below level or are on level but may struggle with rigorous CCSS curriculum.  Support Coach received the 2015 Teacher’s Choice Award in the classroom category.

  • For reading comprehension, detailed instruction in close reading develops key skills outlined in the CCSS. It uses extensive scaffolding and multiple reads of short, complex texts to foster comprehension.
  • For math, twenty 10-page lessons cover priority grade-level CCSS, with each lesson zeroing in on a critical skill. An engaging avatar provides a model for thinking and speaking about mathematical concepts and skills, promoting mathematical discourse.