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Trivium Charter School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Administrative Headquarters
Trisha Vais, Executive Director
1600 Berkeley Drive
Lompoc, CA. 93436
Ph: 805-819-0892
Website: http://www.triviumcharter.org/

About Trivium Charter School

What is Trivium?

Trivium Charter school is a public school and free to the public. Trivium uses a Classical Education model as its foundation. Students from Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County may attend any of the three learning centers – Lompoc, Santa Maria and Arroyo Grande.

Students attend Trivium’s ACE days (A Classical Experience) Tuesdays and Fridays in one of the 3 Learning Centers. Students attend from 9:00 to 2:30 focusing on Science and History. Students also study art and music as it relates to the historical time period. As a Classical-based school, students will also engage in public speaking, debate, Socratic-method discussion, dictation, copy-work and memorization as appropriate for the age level. Teachers at Trivium post their lesson overview each week so parents always know the subjects and activities planned. A third day of classes is being added for the 2012/2013 school year (please see information above).

Home Study days are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday and students focus on math, Language Arts, PE and other electives. Students have many curriculum options at Trivium for Home Study use. Parents are encouraged to individually tailor lessons and progress to their student’s unique needs, interest and ability. Trivium has a full-time Homeschool Coordinator to help new homeschoolers transition to this hybrid program.

At Trivium, we rotate through time periods in a 4 year cycle.
Year 1: Ancient History and Biology
Year 2: Medieval History and Earth/Astronomy
Year 3: Early Modern Times (1600-1900) and Chemistry
Year 4: Modern Times (1900-present) and Physics

Students will repeat this cycle every four years – the early years of study create the foundation that more in-depth knowledge is built upon in later years.