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Vista Real Charter High School

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Personalized Learning Profile

Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges

Contact Information
Vista Real Charter High School 
Corrine Manley, Principal
Email: cmanley@vrchs.org
401 South A Street, Suite 3 
Oxnard, CA. 93030 
Phone: (877) 360-LEARN 

Vista Real Charter High School (VRCHS)  Program Overview
Free & Flexible High School Diploma program in Ventura County for students (up to age 20) offering One-on-one accredited Teacher & Tutor mentoring at no cost to the student - our program is 100% TUITION FREE.

Additional Resource Centers in:
Oxnard (126 East 7th Street, Oxnard, CA 93030)
Santa Paula (216 N. St, Santa Paula, CA 93060)
Ventura (5100 Telegraph Rd, Ventura CA 93003)
Simi Valley (1407 East Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, Ca 93065)

  • The mission of Vista Real Charter High School is to engage students who are no longer a part of the traditional high school setting. VRCHS develops personalized learning plans which enable the student to move toward graduation.

    VRCHS will strive to help the student to:
  • Master basic skills by offering an Independent Study format.
  • Move toward mastery of technology
  • Develop interest in life-long learning
  • Become a responsible, contributing member of society

Program Highlights

  • Our program is specifically intended for those who left school for any reason before graduating.
  • We offer an independent study format . You study one class at a time and work at your own speed.
  • We allow the student to make up incomplete classes and move toward graduation.
  • Vista Real operates on a year-round schedule. You may begin at any time.
  • We offer classes in the morning , afternoon and evening .
  • Vista Real operates as a public charter school and operates at no cost to the student.
  • We are authorized by the State of California to give instruction, award diplomas.
  • Our campuses are conveniently located.
  • We are located on established city bus routes.

Independent Study -What is it ?

  • Independent Study is an alternative form of education that specializes in personalized learning to better meet the pace, ability and interests of the student. Personalized Learning provides an accommodating educational setting for students who, due to complicated life and/or school situations, do not find optimal success in their studies on the traditional campus.

Independent Study -What's in it for the Student ?

Independent Study . . .

  • provides an alternative educational opportunity for the student who has ceased participating in the educational process or who is unable to function at his/her highest potential in the traditional schooling process.
  • provides point of reentry for the student who has left the traditional school process
  • focuses on the individual educational needs of students who, because of personal, family, or financial situations, find themselves excluded from the opportunities of the traditional school.
  • provides for individualized diagnostic academic assessment and course selection for each student.
  • accommodates the needs of the student who is at-risk of being completely lost to and alienated from the large group processes common to many high school campuses.

Vista Real Charter High School recognizes that not all students learn at the same pace and offers the option to study only one course at a time.

  • continues the education of the student who is 18 years of age or older and who has not completed graduation requirements. Independent Study honors the student's struggle to interact successfully with six or more teachers in a day and provides the student with one supervising teacher who oversees all of the student's learning activities.
  • Independent Study suits the time schedule of students who must meet the responsibilities of family obligations.
  • Independent Study considers the potential of each student and is often the answer to providing a stable educational environment for youth who have made wrong or immature choices and are no longer permitted to attend the traditional campus with its multiple distractions and opportunities to repeat the same mistakes.
  • Independent Study gives the student individual access to a highly qualified credentialed faculty.
  • provides the opportunity for a student who needs to be employed to continue progressing toward graduation.What's in it for the student?
  • is a path back for the student who is behind in credits to rejoin his/her class on the traditional campus.

    Independent Study--- What's in it for the Parents ?

Independent Study . . .

  • provides a quiet, controlled and safe environment for your child to attend school.
  • allows you to spend more time with your child and to have a greater impact in his/her life.
  • you know every week how well your child has performed academically? This gives you the opportunity to intervene immediately in the event your child's achievement falls below your expectations.
  • allows you to know where your child is and allows you to more closely monitor the people with whom he/she associates.
  • accommodates the learning speed of your child. The typical student takes only one class at a time and he/she can take as much time as needed to complete the assignment.
  • gives your child the opportunity to work with just one supervising teacher instead of six or more. This allows for the teacher to more fully understand the learning strengths and weaknesses of your child and for the teacher to customize the lessons to meet your child's needs.
  • invites you to sit in on the registration and the orientation session with your child. This allows you to more fully understand the school's expectations.